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  Welcome to Ridgewood Pool (RCC) - Memberships are available!

Ridgewood is a stockholder, membership pool located in South Charleston, WV. We take pride in offering a family oriented atmosphere with activities for all ages. Our pool operates from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Ridgewood is a summer-long destination where fond memories are born, new friends are made and a South Charleston legacy continues... We look forward to seeing you Summer 2014!

    Membership Information  

              2014 Ridgewood Pool Membership Form and Dues Invoice    


Message from the Board

Getting Ready for Summer...

Labor Day 2013 seems like forever ago and Memorial Day 2014 still seems so far away. It’s dark when you leave in the morning and dark when you come home from work at night. The kids are in school, and you spend your evenings cooking dinner, doing homework, running baths and wrestling those kiddos into bed. You crash at the end of a long and bitter cold day. You think about all the snow you’ve shoveled, the ice you’ve scraped off your car, and the times you’ve been cooped up in your house unable to leave because the plow hadn’t come yet. We have dealt with polar vortex days, super snow days, power outage days, chemical leak days, boil advisory days, come-to-work-with-no-shower-days and watergeddon-aquapacolypse….Whew!!! We’re over it! The winter blues you’ve felt since December shall pass…. Soon we will start daylights savings time. Your days will be longer and the cold won’t be as bitter. Target will start to sell flip flops and sun-screen. Get your noodles ready, and buy a new beach towel and bathing suit. In fact, we are less than three months from opening day. Can you smell the charcoal burning and the crisp green grass? Can you hear the laughter of the kids, the splashing water, the bouncing basketballs, the whistle of the lifeguards, and the pop of a cornhole toss? Can you taste your favorite snow cone flavor from the Mermaid Lounge? Can you (almost) feel the sand between your toes? Do you find yourself driving up Rockcrest Drive just to see if anything has changed since the last time you passed? Are you anxious to see the babies from last year crawl and walk across the pool grounds. We are!!!  Spring is around the corner—and summer soon to follow. It will get warm. The sun will come out and you can wear shorts again. So pick up that new cooler and start stocking up on sunscreen for the hot days ahead. There will be smiles on May 23 - at least from our kids, and probably yours, too. Friends will get together on Saturdays and Sundays just like they have done for the past 50 years. Swim team will begin, and we will soon welcome in another fun and fantastic summer at the Ridgewood Pool.

Here’s to counting down the days to an EPIC SUMMER!!!

.Very Truly Yours,

Keith* John*Melissa*Joyce*Wendy*Steve*ANTHONY

Ridgewood Board


  •   Keep Ridgewood Pool Cool!

    The Ridgewood Pool Board is also excited to unveil our newly landscaped and improved property. You will enjoy the openness of our pool area which will now allow for additional seating, a cabana area, and shady green space for your enjoyment. These exciting improvements we are passing along to the membership will be partially funded by the $50 dues increase in the 2014 season, as well as the “KEEP RIDGEWOOD POOL COOL” fundraising events. The success of this project and our future initiatives will be as a result of our supportive membership. We need to continue our fundraising efforts to complete this project and keep up with our strategic plan of continuous improvement to the pool for many more years of enjoyment. We encourage everyone to support these efforts as they are presented. This year we will continue with our fundraising campaign and encourage you to become a member of one of the donor groups:

      Waders $50 - $250
      Swimmers $251 - $500
      Divers $501 - $1000
      Olympians $1001 +

    Donate to the Olympian Level and receive your 2014 annual dues at no cost.

 Beat the heat!

Membership also entitles you to attend many social functions and activities during the year. Our social calendar includes activities for children, adults, and families. Some of the planned activities include:

Memorial Day Picnic Fathers Day Ice Cream Social
July 4th Extravaganza Labor Day Events
Poolside Breakfasts Adult Nights
Teen/Kid Nights Summer Kick-Off Party

 Ridgewood Rules and Regulations


Members will be requested to sign in at the guard desk. All members of your family in attendance should be listed. If bringing a guest, their names shall be indicated as well.

bullet Children under 8 will not be admitted to the pool unless accompanied by a person 13 or older.
bullet Proper swimwear is required while in the pool. Swimsuits over diapers are mandatory for infants in the pool.
bullet Minimum age for adult nights is 21 years.
bullet NO GLASS CONTAINERS are permitted inside the pool gates.
bullet No eating, drinking or smoking while in the pool.
bullet Theft or malicious destruction of property is grounds for suspension until full restitution is made.


Directions to Ridgewood

bullet If traveling West on Kanawha Turnpike
bullet Kanawha Turnpike becomes Lincoln Drive/CR 12.
bullet Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto Rockcrest Drive 0.4 miles.
bullet Turn LEFT on Rachel Lane 0.1 miles
bullet Turn RIGHT onto driveway at end of Rachel Lane.
bullet End at Ridgewood Pool South Charleston, WV 25309.


bullet If traveling East on Lincoln Drive
bullet Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto Rockcrest Drive 0.4 miles.
bullet Turn LEFT on Rachel Lane 0.1 miles.
bullet Turn RIGHT onto driveway at end of Rachel Lane.
bullet End at Ridgewood Pool South Charleston, WV 25309.


Hours of Operation

12 - 8pm
12 - 8pm
12 - 8pm
12 - 8pm
12 - 7pm
12 - 9pm
12 - 9pm

* While Kanawha County Public Schools are still in session in the Spring and after schools start in the Fall, pool hours are limited to weekends and 4pm-8pm during the week.

**Please be advised**


The pool hours are subject to change when adverse weather conditions arise. For your safety, the pool will be closed at the discretion of the manager or head lifeguard.

Call Ahead: 768-6700




Give Ridgewood some Love

Donations to the campaign can be included with your annual membership payments when sent in before May 1st. We are working to provide permanent recognition to have on display at Ridgewood Pool for those families that donate to the campaign.

Thank You for your support!



Check out what Ridgewood Offers

  • Private Membership
  • Family Atmosphere
  • Social Activities
  • Cookouts
  • Swim Team
  • Baby Pool
  • Playground
  • Basketball Court
  • Lounge Chairs
  • Birthday Parties
  • Team Parties
  • Babysitters Welcome
  • Slide
  • Diving Board
  • Ridgewood Visitors

    2014 Ridgewood Pool, Inc. -  PO Box 9123 South Charleston, WV 25309